Wednesday, 12. December 2018
Sport News!!!!!!! :-)))
We are so proud of our first grand daughter for achieving the 2nd place in single and double tennis matches in her sports clubs championships, yeeeeaaahhh!!

(Not my Pic)

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Tuesday, 11. December 2018
HBD to my oldest friend from childhood!! :-)))
it was on SUN, when she turned 71...
her daughters both far away in other parts of DE...
and this year it seemed she should be alone with her hubby, invited her handicapted cousin and wife to go for lunch together.

two days before her daughter2 decided to surprise her mom, picked up her son and came by train to our original home town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how happy she had been when came home in the eve from a theater session and found her daughter and grandson at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

next surprise on her bday, entering the traditional restaurant for lunch, together with her daughter2 and grandson, they got welcomed by a young man, and when she had a second look at him, it was my son2!!!!!! juchuuuu, the next surprise, and so they had a funny afternoon and she agreed soooo much!!!!!

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Monday, 10. December 2018
Annual Sauerkraut Production :-))))

After had been busy two eves to cut the cabbage today we had our charman to use his musles to bring the cabbage into the glasses.. oh, poor guy, a hard Job....

it was just one month ago at NOV, 9 when son2 shocked me deeply when buying 25 kg white cabbage.... omg..... and it took just one month untill I got courageous enough to start this job................

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