Monday, 17. September 2018
The Roots of Pottery of Zenouz.. Tabriz... Azerbaijan..
Pls stay tuned

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Sunday, 16. September 2018
My 2nd Single Exh in Germany Le Plaisir, Bad Duerkheim
by accident I have a pic of the vitrine when decorated newly, and so you may have a short glance!!!!!!!!!!!

pls be patient for more pics!!

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Saturday, 15. September 2018
Turquoise Pottery under Lapislazuli Sky.....
sofale firouzei zire asemane lajavardi........!!!!!!!
My first single exhibition in IR in 2003 in Tabriz Culture House....

it was a great experience and a hard job to fill a large exhibition hall of 200 sqm with all my little pottery things..

first of all I had to say, if I hadn't the unlimited help of my son2 and his friend, nowadays so called *amu mardan*.. and of my friend from olden times Mrs marilena for the installation and the composition of my exhibition, also son2 did all the computerdesign for whatever I needed, and for the help in decomposition of my son1...... I NEVER NEVER NEVER could manage this job!!!! YEK DONYA MAMNUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and guys, believe it, only a few days before the opening ceremony my mom passed away............ RIP

financially help I had from the IR culture heritage, as for posters etc., and of course the nice exhibition place!!! from tine to time, when I find some pics in my archive I will add it here. so you can imagine this wonderfull exhibition. it tooks one week and all my pottery buddies honored me by their visite!!!!!!!!!!! mz friends and siblings as well!!!!!!!!!!!! less the master........ :-(((((( at this time single exhibitions were very rarely happened!!!!!!

so pls be patient and imagine step by step...........

btw I had also a vitrine full of foreign pottery from allover the world - from countries like afghanistan, germany, finland, romania, the states, spain and and and..... so ppl could got informed about some pottery in the world, too. and also I made an information sheet about our pottery here in East Ayerbaijan and the materials we are using, and last but not least about the pottery workshop of brothers ghabtshi, working at the same place at this time since more than 50 years ago from where we profit to get the handthrown workpieces at that time. Both R.I.P.

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