Tuesday, 20. March 2018
Norouz 1397... 19 h 45 min ..sek. :-))))))
Pls stay tuned!!!

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Saturday, 17. March 2018
wieder einmal im *****hotel kaya laleh park.. :-)))
pls stay tuned...

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Tuesday, 13. March 2018
Tshaharshanbeh Soori!!!!!!!!!! :-)))))))))))
yeaaaah... we had a nice eve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yalikivi had been with us and it's nice always with them..

unser foto war gestellt, das gebe ich gleich freiwillig zu!!!
bin doch nicht wahnsinnig!!??!??!?!!!!! springen!!! nix da, nix da!!!!
einer ist links am feuer vorbeigelaufen u einer rechts.. hihihiiii....
unter uns gesagt!!!!!!!!

the noise of fireworks was extremly loud.. and dear KIA wasn't amused, only the fire, we jumped over, was interesting for him. viona liked both... they admired both their dad, to jump so courageous again and again over the fire!!!!

YaLi prepared a nice tray with nuts and raisins etc.. and candles,and me as a surprise made some pastry.. Quarkkreppel... and of course the must POPCORN... hehe..

so nobody was in the mood to eat dinner.. and we let this for even norouz...

btw.. just around 2 AM the noise stopped finally.....
and not up from midnight like in DE.. but up from 2 weeks ago..., and since TUE morning more and more.. and louder and louder... omg!!!!!


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