Tuesday, 22. August 2017
Holidays 2017 - HANNOVER - diff. events and trips

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Monday, 21. August 2017
Holidays 2017 - BAD HARZBURG

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Saturday, 19. August 2017
Holidays 2017 - HAMBURG
The absolute highlight from my this-year-holidays thx to my friends had been my unforgettable 70th BIRTHDAY!!!!!

We met us at hannover mainrailwaystation to share a freixenet.. then entering the train to uelzen hundertwasser railwaystation forward to HAMBURG!!!

We had been me and my hubby, my sis and two eldest friends from my childhood and the daughter and grandson of one of them!!

In hamburg four postcrossers were waiting for us at the station platform -
mondkind74, trenker, friesendeern and christa!!!

We went together by underground to landungsbruecken station.. and the prize for awfull long long stairs up in the direction of the ancient youth hostel was the gorgeous view over the harbour and a fanstastic coffeetime arranged by dear kroete68 waiting for us there.. with a homemade cheesecake!!!! Coffee, tea, candles.. even a happy.birthday.balloon.. I really can say, lucky me, I have the best friends in the world!!!!! And of course - postcrossers are best!!!!!!!!

As it was my wish to see the newly opened elbphilharmonie after our coffeetime we went by ferry to admire this great building!!!

Again back by ferry we went now to the portuguese quarter... best prize for postcards as a postcrosser knows!!!! We found a nice restaurant whsre we had lunch and finally our meeting to sign the postcards!!!!!

At last they brought us to the mainrailwaystation and as I was more than tired... and had the only wish to sit at the station platform untill our train wil arrive.. no matter how long time.... we did so!!! The younger folks made a flight to chile house and finally at 7 PM we found each other in the train to go back to hannover. What an unforgettable day!!!! Thxxxxx to all of you!!!!!!!!

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