Wednesday, 14. November 2018
After a Long Time Madame et Monsieur a Walk downtown..

we got so impressed and happy and proud of the tabriz metro!!! as they had their metro since years and years.. so very well managed and ppl got habitude, unbelievable!!! well done, my second home town!!!!!!!!!l

only we missed the taxis at the stations waiting to pick up the passengers to their home place.. but for sure this will happen one day, too!!!!!

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Tuesday, 13. November 2018
A break in our garden!!! :-)))))
short but fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as we always need apple puree we would have a look for some apples.. by far not that much like in last year, but for us it will be enough, and so dear yashila & the kiddies were collecting the apples...

me I was busy in photos, of course with the little traveltoys..

and our cute traveltoy guests is always so happy to get out and see the countryside.... dear strawberrybear..

dear lili_6789 was so kind to prepare the teatime/ coffeetime for us.. and dear hubby was happy like usual when he is in his garden.

back home....

finally we had collected some leaves for our next handicraft work. yeeeeeeaaaahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, 9. November 2018
My Jam-Production continued.. :-)))
A Kind of plum.... Aloutsheh.....
The ones, IR ppl prefere picking up in spring
still green and unripe... the jam now is soooo delicious!!!

and when I had still the plums in the fridge, dear son2 was killing me with 25 kg white cabbage... omg...... who will be so keen....???? but of course I'll have some helpers!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll let you current.........

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Training myself for Origami class for dear KIA.. :-)))
In the olden times with son1 and 2 I loved origami and made it often with them or at their kindergarden... and then I start with my playmos, about 10 years ago, I made specially for them/ with them also origami....
but unfortunately now I have not only forgotten all the skills, also it's too difficult for me... omg... omg.. omg...

but for KIA in his age of 4 at this moment it's enough to teach him the easy origamis, and so I learned four today: a dog, a nightingale, a bigger bird and a frog... let us see if he will like it or not...

it was for the moment only the dog he was able to do. and so we decided to fold the simple forms like square, triangle, rectangle..... and he agreed finally as he was only interested in the crane with which me, myself had a prob and had forgotten how to fold it..!

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