Sunday, 24. July 2016
Nach 14 h Schlaf wieder unter den Lebenden.. :-)))
THU - FRI - SAT....
we had son1 with us and it was a great time for everybody..

also the great party for kia's 2nd b-day, for the 46th bday of son1 and the party for our lovely daughter-in-law's BACHELOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOW - WOOOOOOOOOOW - WOOOOOOOOOOOW -
and besides a temperature of 39°...................
WOOOOOOOOOOOOW - WOOOOOOOOOOW - WOOOOOOOOOOOOW... but it was fantastic for everybody..
believe it.. 60 ppl....... WOOOOOOOOW - WOOOOOOOOOOOW - WOOOOOOOOOW............ a historical event..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and son1 just now back in Erbil........... global life...................

here are some impressions..!!!!!!!!!!

as usual it's my elder granddaughter who creats
so beautiful collages for us!!! thx a looooot,
my dear Anita!!! wish you could be here, too!!!!!

here pls have a glance on the most requested model at the party..

and here *orchestre zahmatkesh* for our alltime most beloved traditional music of azerbaijan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

und das waren die hauptpersonen hier!! hehehe.....
(rechts der *king*, der alles plante u sich ausgedacht hatte.. *smile*) es war toll und hammer, hammer, hammer,
vielen dank fuer so ein *historisches fest*!!!!!

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Wednesday, 20. July 2016
Birthday & Birthday & Birthday........ :-))))
and now it's KIA's turn to get his 2nd birthday!!!!!!!
we startet today on MON with an excellent breakfast and later the bday-cake and a yummy lunch... so much efforts done by our lovely daughter-in-law, the mum of cute KIA-babyboy!!!!!!!!!!!!

they had an extraordinary surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pls have a look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hi, our dear KIA, our very best congratulations
and for your current year much joy and fun and good things may happen to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!!!!!!!
(doesn't it looks like a Stretch-Limo??????????????)

und so fing es heute morgen an!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

und hier packt sohn1 sein uraltes geschenk aus.....

und KIA ist nun auch im *minions-club*...

und anschliessend mussten wir uns staerken.. *smile*

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Monday, 18. July 2016
Postcards for kids with life threatening illnesses

it would be great if I can find here ppl who are in the mood to help these courageous kids by only writing a simple postcard!!!!?!?!?!?!???!

thxxxxxxxxxxxx in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Besser leben ohne Plastik - Better Life without Plastic
today in one of these early-morning magazines at tv I learned about this lady and her life without plastics:

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