Friday, 26. August 2016
Die lebenswertesten Staedte der Welt :-)))
the ten favorite cities in the world!!!!!!!!!!

1 - Melbourne
2 - Vienna
3 - Vancouver
4 - Toronto
5 - Calgary
6 - Adelaide
7 - Perth
8 - Auckland
9 - Helsinki
10- Hamburg

quelle: the economist

PS we lived in hamburg only for 5 years...
and in helsinki I had been twice during my holidays!
same in vienna, but three times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, 25. August 2016
Der beste aller Ehemaenner hat heute Geburtstag!!

und er weiss es nieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
*lachmichwechhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* - jedes jahr aufs neue gelingt die ueberraschung... und am ende des geburtstagsliedes faellt ihm auf, dass alle IHN angucken... *lachhhhhhhhhh*

it's the bday of my beloved hubby, and he's never current about, and so it's every year again a nice surprise for him... heheheeeeeee....... pls have a look at the pic above.... and you can imagine!!!!!!!!

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Monday, 22. August 2016
Closing Ceremony of RIO 2016 :-))))
what's your opion about the games????
what will be changed in the future??????
great idea must not be destroyed because of a few ppl..

well... my home country and my second home country both got successfull and proud because of their athlets and medals!!!!!!

medaillenspiegel RIO 2016

#5 DE 17 gold, 10 silber, 15 bronze
#25 IR 3 gold, 1 silber, 4 bronze

now I'm waiting for the beginning of the closing ceremony...
and you pls stay tuned for some pics...

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