Tuesday, 6. September 2022
F.i.n.a.l.l.y. the SCHULTÜTE-creation started!!!!!!
We started with the lil mermaid and some sea-animals....
Need to be busy coz the first day at school for
dear lil VIONA is no longer so far.....


This custom of a school-cone given at the first
day of school is veryyyy old, dated back to the early 19th century!!!!!!!! Ipue and her sis had it when it was their turn. She made one for son1 and son2 and also for dearest Anita and now for kia as well as for Viona!!!!!

Pls stay tuned!!!!

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Tuesday, 30. August 2022
Danz op de deel..... Hof-Fête f Lili u F
Pls stay tuned...
Great eve in our yard!!!!
Yy tausendsassa had a gorgeous surprise!
Four ppl had their BD between 25. and 27.8. and each of them got their own BD-Cake!!!!
85 - 69 - 66 - 41 - .... y/o!!!!!!!!
(My hubby, lili's dad, Mal. Bamd. & dearest lili!)

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Sunday, 28. August 2022
Worldbest hubby turned 85..
Pls stay tuned for pics!

Thx yali we had a great celebration!!!!
And my hubby was happy and content!!!

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