Sunday, 2. April 2017
Internationaler Tag der Kissenschlacht 2017 - 01.04.2017

und iiiiiiiiiiiiich dachte, das sei ein APRILSCHERZ!!?!??!?!!


International Pillow Fight Day 2017 – April 1st in cities around the world

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Thursday, 30. March 2017
Haftsin here & there.... :-)))))
our haftsin at home!!!

haftsin YaLiKiVi in holidays!!!

haftsin Laleh Park!!!!

haftsin of the youngest sis of my mother-in-law,
of course created by her younger daughter!!!!!

haftsin of the eldest sis of my hubby!!!

haftsin of the 2nd eldest sis of my hubby!!!

haftsin of the youngest sis of my hubby!!!!

haftsin of saat circle!!!

haftsin in the backyard of saat!!!!

haftsin in the representative salon of the lord mayor!!

haftsin in the traditional house heyderzadeh (tourist information)!!!

haftsin in a special handicraft exhibion in the a.m. house!!

haftsin in shohada hospital!!!!

haftsin of a fantastic old lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(c)afsaneh.ya - sad for, coz I haven't been there!! :-(((

it's a kind of a very classic haftsin and remembered me for the
haftsin of my mother-in-law, passed by in 2010 RIP and we had
been always with her in the moment, when the year changed...
since we moved to IR!!! and so I'm sad..
she had the similar classic style of her haftsins!!!! and this old
curageous lady is the mom of my very best friend here in my
2nd hometown since more than 35 years ago.... and I cannot
meet her mom that often... I regret this deeply from my heart!!!
coz there aren't that much old courageous ladies anymore.....

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Tuesday, 21. March 2017
EYDE SHOMA MOBARAK!!!!!!!!!!! :-)))))
am MO hatten wir um 1 uhr 58 u 40 sek mittags den jahreswechsel!!

rouze doshanbeh khodetun midunin tshe saati sal tahwil shode bud!!?!

inja ham haftsinemun 1396!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when you had admired my haftsin, pls have a look at our sabze!! they where fighting who's the best!!!?! hahahaaa... and as the bigger one made me mad.. pls tell me, no daughter-in-law taking the responsability for???????? I found last week a nice one to honour the year of the cock.. and finally as a last-minute-action yesterday I bought one.. and as the bigger one got ashamed, it tried it's best not making me mad anymore... hehehe........

do you remember the song *coming home for christmas*???? we
felt like this... as our son1 came home the eve before and it was
PERFECT, and deep from our heart we could say *NOROUZ AMAD*!!!!!!! (norouz arrived)

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