Sunday, 5. January 2020
A late snow for Xmas......??? :-))))))

and in the morning it was snowing again!!!!

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Saturday, 4. January 2020
Our Garden in Yusefabad....
...with a little bit old snow and much sun on FRI!!!!

And at SAT we had the very First Snow in Tabriz.... Ferdows/ Shahgoli... It was snowing up from 4 PM untill 11 PM, very lightly.. only 3 - 5 cm... but woow, better than nothing..

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Wednesday, 1. January 2020
Am Neujahrstag!!!!!!!!! :-))) :-(((
happy new year and peace for the world!!!!!!!!!!

BONNEE ANNEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Les fetes sont fini.. et on est fatigué...
on reviens aux jours normals!!!

Und die Kiddies ein grosses Verlangen nach Basteln,
7 h am Stück Geduld u Konzentration!!!!

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