Tuesday, 12. January 2021
Tinker-Time again......... :-)))))))))))))
endlich haben wir bessere stifte gefunden u das steinebemalen wird ausdrucksvoller u macht mehr spass!

als wir die tage draussen zu tun hatten, schlug yashila_81 zwei abstecher vor, zum einen zu einem super buch-u-schreibwarenladen, zum andern haben wir bei einem guten alten knabberladen vorbeigeschaut!!!!!!! hach, das war schoen!!!!!

finally the stone-painting got more successfull coz we found better felt-tip pens.

during a rare downtown ride since years dear yashila_81 proposed to have a look at a great book & stationary shop, and at least at one of the famous ancient nut shops TAVAZO!!! both was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, 5. January 2021
Welt-Braille-Tag - Int'l-Braille-Day Jan 4... :-)))))
BRAILLE is a written language for ppl with eye probs via dots felt by fingertips, named after louis braille (1809 - 1852), which is unchanged untill today!!!!!! blind himself he get educated by a school speciallly for blind people, and still a student he developped his system and presented it in 1824. many years after his death it got adapted in all languages worldwide!

bravo to LOUIS BRAILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
like so many inventors and artists he got fully appreciated after his death!

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Saturday, 2. January 2021
Neujahrstag in Yusefabad!!!! ;-)))))

A great day, we chilled in our Garden with much sunshine,
much snow, and the kiddies with their sleigh...

and once we saw a big white beautiful dog....... :-000

Pls stay tuned, perhaps I can show you a pic.....
yes, I can, thx lili_6789...

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