Friday, 1. May 2020
FRIDAY - this Special Friday.... ;-)))))
now the great day, dear buddies & followers!!!!!!!!!!
we went to the garden to celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary of dear lili_6789 & dear yashila_81!!!!!!!!!!

we arrived only at 2 PM, everything very relaxed!!!!!
lili made a yummy pasta and after we would have the cake as dessert.. :-))) and I went to decorate it. the kiddies got thrilled.. hehe........... btw it was a yummy Russian Zupfkuchen!!

this was the first surprise for the dear 10-years-wedding couple!! did you noticed that my playmos puenktchen & anton played the role of YaLi on the cake????

then they went to unwrap the gifts......................
and DO YOU REMEMBER 3 MONTHS AGO, when I was mentioned a surprise I will talk about after 3 months??? yeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhh!!!!

ja, unser lange geplanter 10j hochzeitstag von sohn2 u unserer
lieben schwie-to lili_6789 wurde ein toller tag im garten, mit ueberraschungen u viel freude u allerbestem wetter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lest bitte hier unten auch das tagebuch der grossen ueberraschung, ein geburtsbild in daenischer stickerei, die gleichen haben wir fuer sohn1 u 2, u nun haben YaLi auch ihren wunsch erfuellt u haben solche bilder fuer KiVi auch!! juchuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu......

here again my surprise diaryyyy!

Tag 1.1 - 24.1.2020
Tag 1.2 - 25.1.2020
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VIONA... F. E. R. T. I. G. in 48 arbeitsstd...

Tag 2.1 - 5.2.2020
Tag 2.2 - 9.2.2020
Tag 2.3 - 10.2.2020
Tag 2.4 - 11.2.2020
Tag 2.5 - 13.2.2020
Tag 2.6 - 15.2.2020

KIA..... F. E. R. T. I. G. in 38 arbeitsstd!!!

and what had it been????? in short: a danish embroidery in cross stich with infos about the new born child.. which we have for our two sons, and dear lili asked me 5 years ago if possible to make one for their new born KIA..... I didn't promised but immediately requested two of the special frames from esfahan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mein glueck war, dass ich immerhin vor 5 j, als lili mich danach fragte, umgehend 2 dieser speziellen rahmen in esfahan bestellt hatte.. ich war ja auch 5 j aelter geworden, aber immerhin konnte ich alles wiederfinden u so ging es dann los!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my sample had been the ones I made in 1983 for our own kids, adrian & yasha:

me too, I never imagined to be able even 5 years later, 5 years older to make this.......... omg........
but I did!!!!!!!!!!!! with the help of my dear old friend from kiel, she supported me every day several times!!! it was sooooooooooo kind and great and helped a lot.

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