Sunday, 9. October 2016
WIEDERSEHEN in Fall Holidays............. *smiiiiiiiile*
nach 1 1/2 j haben wir die suesseste anita von der welt wiedergesehen... klein bissel groesser als ich schon mit ihren 12 jahren, ohaaaaaa!!! und so sueeeeeeeeeeess!!!!!!!!

pls stay tuned for a pic asap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today we will leave for PT via Amsterdam going to LISBON!!!!!

pls stay tuned for more pics as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SORRY - SORRY - SORRY this I had forgotten in the meantime!!! deeply sorry.. so many pics - so little time!!! and the pics are spread in thousand places.. oh oh..... but here I can show you ONE genious collage from LISBON, done by our great granddaughter _anita.mac_

the pic has TWO meanings.. first it shows you one of the main places of our great holidays in fall 2016 BELEM TOWER, world heritage site.. together with ipue, mr. ipue, son1 and his daughter!!!!!!!!!! and the second point of view is the cute smiley... we both, _anita.mac_ and ipuenktchen, have the same key chain!!! and it's laughing when you touch it.. ohoooo... (updated 17.3.2017)

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