Friday, 15. December 2023
At the 20.11.2023 was the most sadest day in my life:

Foto F

My beloved kindhearted husband passed away in the afternoon.. during sleeping..

Untill now I cannot believe it.....

Of course he is comfortable now, the best what should happen for him as he was in a very, very awfull situation since about half a year...
But we miss him soooo much!!!

Our son1 started in the same moment from Australia when we let him current about and we waited with all the ceremonies untill his arriving...

It's so hard for me to write about.. coz the ceremony was sooo hard. It was son2 arranged everything.

Foto Baldachin u 30 stühle

Vor der Bestattung fand in der trauerhalle ein gemeinsames Gebet statt.

Foto Grab m Blumen

Abends von 6 - 8 fand in dem trauersalon die beileidskundgebung statt. Es kamen ca 400 - 500 leute.
Von 8 - 10 fand dort für 200 leute ein abendessen statt.


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