Friday, 31. July 2020
A great IR Singer, beloved over 3 generations!!! :-)))
Passed away 10 years ago today, July 31......

An Iranian Singer in different Genres Classic, Folk and Pop.

Born Rasht, Dec. 22, 1929
Died Tehran, July 31, 2010

Moh. Nouri studied in Tehran English Language and English Literature, and continued also his professional career by studying Persian Music, Music Theory and Piano.
He had been active as a Singer as well as a Composer 1942 - 2010.

pls search in wikipedia or google or you tube!!!! thxxxx

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Saturday, 18. July 2020
Yeaaaah - another HBD in Tabriz!! ;-))))

Dear little Kia turned SIXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!
The time is running so fast.. and you will enter the elementary school after 2 months. . Who can believe this??!???????

To celebrate this special day dear Daddy made his masterpiece:

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Friday, 17. July 2020
HBD in Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-))) :-(((
my elder son turned half a century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can you believe it????? it seems, it was yesterday,
when he said "api" instead of "auto"!!!!!!!!??!?!!!?!?

Zentangle No 6

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