Tuesday, 11. August 2020
Steinschlangen - Rock Lines Corona 2020 ;-)))))) ;-((((((
In Germany the Rock Lines, so called *Steinschlangen*, got familar, since ppl are collecting Stones while walking. At home they paint on whatever they like and bring this stone back to the nature to create or to continue a Rock line in their neighborhood...

Many ppl are members of a group in FB and even register their Rock lines andere of course the stones.. some pick them up and bring it to another Rock line, registering again. Did You hear about????

A friend of mine, dear IsaGV, was painting one and asked me what it means to me... In my opinion it shows a fox... Omg...... I forgot they have a tiny Dog, not bigger than a man's hand... Heheheeee..... Shame on me.. Dear Ginny!!! (NOT THE NEXT MISTAKE..) here you can admire him/ her:

Another postcrossing Buddy LadyP1964 become really a Specialist in painting and registering stones, even created Rock Lines in her own neighborhood!!!!!

unfortunately this corona-event isn't familar in IR.. but of course we are painting, too, collecting stones, whenever we see a beautiful one, as one of our tinker activities. here our first try:

ihr koennt euch bei wikipedia unter 'steinschlangen corona' schlaumachen, was es mit dem bemalen u aussetzen der steine auf sich hat! viele zeitungen berichten darueber - vielleicht auch in eurer gegend!?


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