Wednesday, 11. November 2020
Apple Puree continued again...!!! ;-))))
We would, but we didn't yet.....

UPDATE 12.11.2020:
We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeeaaahhhhh!!!!!

Ein Apfel-Marathon.. 20 Gläser Apfelmus in 8 Stunden!!!!
Yashila_81 pflückte u schaelte sämtliche Äpfel!!

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11.11. but yet 11.11 o'clock..... :-))) :-(((
What means this???????
Yep.. Beginning of the 5th Season, the carnaval Season...
But no carnaval this year because of Corona.. In Northern Germany not really a prob, but ppl around Köln, Düsseldorf, Mainz I think they will cry for.... :-(((((

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