Saturday, 6. February 2021
FRInews..... :-))))))) :-((((((((((((((((
LiKiVi went to Ardabil today to be with the other grand parents!!!!

btw some days ago kia's beloved mistress at school gave duties to the kids "stone painting" and the kids sent their results to her... so interesting and different what they understood of...

and we have sad news, too................

the canadian wellknown actor christopher plummer, playing the father in the "sound of music", the famous story of the Trapp Familiy, died on FRI at an age of 91.... (1929 - 2021)
what a heart warming story as a b/w film when I was a child during the fifties..... and later here we saw the video of the musical.

eine schoene geschichte aus meiner kindheit war die story der Trapp-Familie, ein s/w-film aus den 50ern.. spaeter hier dann lernte ich per video das musical davon kennen, auch sehr schoen! und in unseren allerersten zeiten der schuessel erwischten wir den fast ebenso alten film ueber deren auswanderung in die staaten u das fussfassen im dortigen show business..

der darsteller der vater-rolle Baron von Trapp starb am FR im alter von 91 jahren!

R.I.P. Christopher Plummer

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