Thursday, 6. May 2021
Zentangle, love it and like it to do!!!! :-)))))
during my actual night turn I started a zentangle card!!!
inspired by a similar card with washitape, I found recently
in the www...
but now I have a serious prob, finally need fineliners in
different size... o,2 and o,5 and normal size..
hopefully will get successfull we find an open stationnary shop..

UPDATE 9.5.2021:
I have really the best friends and yesterday I got a fineliner
0,3 mm in black. got sooooooo happy...
but today I tried out, it's not waterresistant and not usfull
for postcards.. what a pity..

indianer kennt kein'n schmerz; so arbeitete ich mit meinen
alten dicken stiften weiter...
nun sind ZWEI dieser tollen karten fertig u ich zeige sie
niemand, damit ich sie noch viele male machen u jmdn
damit ueberraschen kann!!!!!!!, juchuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

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